4 Easy Methods to Learn a New Language

In the modern world, knowing just one language just isn’t enough. Diversity is at an all-time high and your language capabilities should be as well.

This can be perceived as a daunting and difficult task to the average Joe, but it doesn’t need to be.


Verbling is one of the premiere language-learning solutions for the modern language lover who wants results quickly. Mainly, this is because the system focuses on teaching the fundamentals of many different languages, using live video chat sessions.

It can be the ideal way for anyone who is struggling to integrate a new language into their daily lives. Because it mainly teaches the fundamentals, it provides you with a good grasp of learning the basics of your preferred language. This base will be the most important part of your language learning experience.

Here are the pros and cons of Verbling:


  • Video chat lessons with real, live, teachers
  • Lessons available 24/7 for all time zones
  • 95% of members rate the likelihood of recommending Verbling to a friend between 7 and 10
  • The average learner rating is 4.9 out of 5
  • The entire program is available online
  • Great for developing and masters the fundamentals of a language


  • It focuses specifically on the basics of the language
  • You’ll need to find a native speaker to practice with in-person to get a conversational grasp of the language

Let’s see how Verbling compares to their competitors.

Rosetta Stone

Everyone has heard of Rosetta Stone, it’s a household name in the language learning field. And, it’s for a good reason. The software is good. But, does have shortcomings.

The courses and lessons associated with learning a new language on Rosetta Stone are interactive and many users say it’s even fun. The activities intertwine well with the lessons to provide a friendly experience in learning a new language.

It also has a nice feature where you can listen to a native speaker say the word or phrase as many times as you’d like. This can help you nail an accent and quickly improve.

However, that native speaker isn’t there. Rosetta Stone doesn’t offer live support, so you’ll be stuck with whatever lesson you’re on. This also means you can’t practice conversations with another person to get a practical sense of the language.


  • Extremely popular and touted by many government officials and politicians
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Your instructor is infinitely patient
  • Customize the level of difficulty


  • Your instructor is only infinitely patient because it’s just a voice recording
  • No live lessons
  • You can’t clarify any information
  • There is no way to differentiate how different sounds and syllables come together

The Michael Thomas Method

Michael Thomas took the language world by storm after he emigrated to the U.S following WWII. He was known to master around a dozen languages and became a high-paid teacher. His clients ranged from politicians to the most famous of celebrities.

After some time, he put together a retail-version of his language lessons to spread his knowledge.

The logic behind this method is that mental stress hinders your ability to understand. With this in mind, the Michael Thomas Method requires you to listen to Michael explain how sentences are put together and structured. Only listening is required, there isn’t much hands-on work.

This method will provide a good framework for understanding the language, but it won’t enable you to speak it. It’s a good opportunity to learn the basics for the language of your choice


  • An effective way to learn the basics
  • Listening only
  • The instructor has a proven background in learning languages


  • You’ll likely not be able to speak the language after completing the course
  • There is no communication with an instructor
  • You won’t be able to have a partner to practice conversations


Pimsleur sells itself as a scientifically proven set of principles that are designed for the learning to understand the heart of the language.

They focus on three principles: Graduated interval recall, the principle of anticipation, and core vocabulary.

Graduated Interval Recall

This principle relies on the fact that people earn better if they’re reminded of new words at gradually increasing intervals This helps the learner remember each word for longer each time it’s given to them.

The boring theory of continuing to remind the learner of the same word is the base of the program.

Principle of Anticipation

The principle of anticipation refers to the fact that our brains are designed to anticipate a correct response when spoken to. Pimsleur will ask for understanding and wait for a response, then reinforce the correct response. They state that this accelerates learning.

Core Vocabulary

Core vocabulary is, of course, a large barrier to mastering a language.

To help reinforce core vocabulary, Pimsleur will deliberately limit the amount you learn at a time. This helps the learner internalize information before moving on and is a fundamental of Pimsleur’s process.


  • Scientifically proven to learn
  • Reputable founder
  • Overall relaxing experience


  • No live lessons
  • Can’t clarify any questions because there is no live support
  • Only audio-based

In Summary

Each of the resources listed has its ups and downs. But, Verbling capitalizes on what all the other language learning services fail at: you can learn with a real person.

This is, by far, the most important feature to have when learning a new language. The video chat lessons let you listen and interact with a live, native speaker. If you’re looking to develop and master the basics of a language, Verbling is a must.

Ten Ideal Gifts You Can Give to an Online Freelancer

Do you have any friends or family members who work from home as an online freelancer? If a special occasion is coming up soon and you’re wondering what to give them as a gift, here are some ideas that you can check out – we’re pretty sure that online freelancers will appreciate any of these!

1. Mouse and Mouse Pad

Even if your friend uses a laptop or already has a mouse and mouse pad, these things come in handy especially if the ones they use are due for replacement. Yes, the computer mouse gets old, and so does the mouse pad. It would be nice to have a new one every few months or year or so.

2. Headphones or Earphones

One can never have enough pairs of headphones or earphones. Find a comfortable pair of headphones or earphones – one that an individual can wear for hours on end without feeling any discomfort.

3. Coffee Mug

Mugs might be “overused” ideas when it comes to gifts but online freelancers appreciate this. Try to look for mugs with interesting designs or better yet, make it a unique mug that’s customized or personalized.

4. Espresso Machine

Online freelancers would rather stay at home to get their work done so going to a coffee shop to get a cup of overpriced coffee is usually not an option. There are coffee machines for everyone and every situation. An espresso machine will be much appreciated so he/she can have a cup of freshly brewed coffee, better than Starbucks, anytime, any day.

5. USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive

If you’re looking for an affordable gift, a USB flash drive would be a good choice. However, if you have a few extra dollars to spend, make it an external hard drive.

6. USB Fan

It could be a fan used for the computer or a fan to cool off your friend during very hot weather. Find a small one that’s USB-powered and you’re pretty sure that your gift will be much appreciated and would find its spot on your friend’s work desk.

7. Amazon Gift Card

Since online freelancers barely have time to go out during the week, most of them settle with online shopping. An Amazon gift card or a gift card from another online retailer is a great gift idea.

8. Desk Lamp

A desk lamp would be a good gift for an online freelancer too. In fact, anything that can be found on a usual work desk would be good.

9. Speakers

A set of speakers, even a small Bluetooth one, would be much appreciated. Much like headphones and earphones, music is the best way to keep you company if you’re working from home without any colleagues to chat with.

10. Head, Neck or Back Pillow

As a home based worker, one tends to sit down for hours and no matter how comfortable an office chair is, it gets tiring too. A head/neck pillow or a back pillow is a great way to maintain good posture and to stay comfortable through hours of continuous work.

The Advantages of Going to School – Why Everyone Should get Education

Waking up early in the morning to go to your 7 am class can be a pain. You would rather stay in bed and listen to the latest hits on your top notch Bluetooth headphones. But, do you realize that education can play a major role in your quest to achieve your dreams in life? The following are examples of the good things that going to school can offer:

Learn basic skills

School provides an environment where we can learn a lot of basic skills. Children as young as three years old are taught how to read and write at their preschools. They start to learn the alphabet, numbers, and even do some simple arithmetic problems. They also get the chance to practice their drawing, building, problem solving, and cognitive skills.

Gain knowledge

The world has an abundance of knowledge and information. In school, we study different subjects that cover history, biology, arts, literature, math, physics, physical education, geography, and many more. This should help us become aware of the hard work and efforts of our ancestors, the struggles of people from centuries ago, all the wars and battles that shaped our country, the beauty and intricacies of science and technology, and so on.

Develop your talents

If you have an interest that you want to be really good at, you need a place where you can harness it effectively. Schools around the world have student clubs that focus on particular hobbies and interests for students who would like to delve deeper into their chosen sport or pastime. For those who are into football or basketball, they can join their school’s football or basketball teams to be able to practice with like-minded individuals. For those who love books, they should start a book club to find other bookworms to discuss classics with.

Learn from experts

Teachers play a key role in any student’s life. They are like the children’s second parents, adults who are there to supervise when they are not at home. They are knowledgeable on a lot of things, and they should be able to impart a wide array of information and wisdom on specific subject matters, as well as life in general.

Meet friends

School is much more fun if you have friends to hang out with. These people share the same interests as you, have lunch with your, laugh with you, study with you, walk home with you, and they are there to help you out if you are having trouble with academics or life.

How to Teach Your Child to Be Responsible

How to Teach Your Child to Be Responsible

While there are many things that teachers can help children learn in school, the best lessons are learned from home and taught by parents. Discipline, manners and responsibility are only a few things that are expected to be taught by the parents to their children.

If you want to teach your child how to become responsible, know that this will be a challenge. However, as long as you start early and teach your child while he’s still young, you can expect him to learn and apply this in his life even in the future. Children are like sponges. They can learn things so quickly and absorb all the information being fed to them.

The first thing you should realize is that everything starts with you – you must be a good role model for your child. Your example will be seen and followed. Children will see how you handle things, how you complete your chores on time and how you make sure that all your responsibilities are handled well.

With that being said, here are more ways to teach your child how to become a responsible individual.

Talk to Your Child Like an Adult

Stop babying you child if he is no longer a baby. Talk to him like you would to an adult – but with extra precaution though. You want to let your child feel your love and care and that you’re there for him if he needs you. Your child will understand what you’re trying to say.

Don’t underestimate his knowledge – unless of course if you still have a toddler. Tell him what responsibility is and why he should come off his iPad and become responsible. Tell him the importance of being a responsible individual so that he will understand why he has to follow you.

Assign Tasks and Chores to Your Child

Simple chores such as setting the table or bringing out the trash can easily be handled by a child. If you’re baking during the weekend, you can let your child help you out with the ingredients and even operating the mixer. If you have a simple to use stand mixer, then you can ask you child to press the buttons for you to make it work. Show him that he is needed and make him feel it by keeping him involved in the things you do. After he’s helped you with the baking, make sure he helps clean up too.

Offer Rewards for a Job Well Done

Show your child and tell him that you appreciate each time he fulfills his responsibilities. Offer a reward for each job he completes successfully. For example, if he was responsible enough not to forget that he’s supposed to bring his used plate to the kitchen sink after eating and he did this consistently for an entire week, offer special desserts during the weekend. If he was responsible enough to take out the trash for an entire month, then offer to play a game or watch a movie with him.

Kids need to be responsible and be taught responsibility at a young age. If you train them as early as now, you will surely be worry-free as they grow up to become responsible and well-mannered individuals.

Six Situations When The Internet Allowed Us to Save Money

A lot of people are more than willing to spend for their Internet services. As much as possible, we choose Internet service providers that can give us fast and reliable connection. It doesn’t matter if it’s priced more than usual as long as it works efficiently. It’s not really about being too impractical because in fact, the Internet is a huge money-saver. There are so many perks and advantages that the Internet can give us. We are getting things that we used to pay for along with our Internet service. Here are just 6 situations when the Internet allowed us to save money.

1. Cooking Recipes

Remember how our moms spent quite a fortune on a collection of cookbooks that are now just gathering dust? The Internet is a goldmine of all kinds of recipes that you can get for free. You can even watch videos that show how things are actually done! From local favorites to international cuisines, cookies to extravagant cakes and more, you can get practically all the information you need when it comes to food from the Internet.

2. That Trip to a Doctor

So you have this pain on your abdomen for the past 5 or 10 minutes. If you went to the doctor right away just because it got you worried, then you could have easily spent a whole lot of cash only to be told that there’s nothing for you to worry about. With the Internet, you can check on your symptoms and you can get that peace of mind that what you’re feeling is nothing out of the ordinary – or you will be advised to head to the doctor right away. (Note: For medical information, make sure you always go to reliable and trusted websites)

3. DIY Repairs at Home

Why call a handyman when you can handle things on your own? Gone are the days when only carpenters could have special equipment. Just get your own jointer and miter saw because you now can have your own and handle it like a champ!

4. Endless Music Playlists

Why buy a CD when you can go on YouTube or some music streaming website to listen to your favorite songs on repeat absolutely free?

5. Books and Articles

No need to buy a newspaper anymore, the Internet is more updated with current happenings anyway. You don’t even have to buy a lot of books anymore because everything you need is on the Internet. From pocketbooks to academic articles and more, you can simply go on Google. If you will be charged for the information, more often than not, it will be more affordable than an actual book.

6. Communication

Who needs a long distance plan on their landline or smartphone when the Internet allows you to communicate with anyone who’s also on the Internet for free? You can even go on a video call without having to pay anything!

How Are iPads Being Used In Today’s Classrooms?

Not so long ago, the main learning tool in any classroom was the blackboard and a sturdy piece of chalk. Perhaps a textbook or two. Nowadays, the scene has changed considerably. Walk into most modern classrooms, and you’re most likely to see the children using iPads to reinforce their learning. So, how are teachers incorporating this latest technology into their lessons?

During the 1980s, we first saw computers being introduced into schools. Back in those days, there may have been just one or two computers per school and classes would take turns to use this cutting edge technology. As we progressed through the 1990s, computer suites began to be introduced and as the Millennium turned, we saw laptops being brought into classrooms. However, today, it is the iPad which is the learning tool of choice. It can really change the way that pupils learn and interact with their subjects, but how are teachers adjusting their lesson plans to accommodate this new technology?

What Can An iPad Do?

If you’ve never used an iPad, you’re probably unaware of just how much these clever tablets can achieve. In fact, there seems to be almost nothing the iPad cannot do!

Students can word process with ease, make their own media presentations – the contemporary version of show and tell, find key information about their subject through the internet rather than having to visit the library, graph data in an electronic way and answer interactive quizzes independently to consolidate their learning. Even better, the iPad is fully portable and can be taken between classes – what’s not to like?

The iPad In Practise

If we take a look at a case in point of how a teacher can utilize the iPad to its full potential. Let’s assume we’re in a math class. How can the iPad help a class of students studying geometry to develop new skills and consolidate their understanding of their subject?

Let’s imagine the teacher wants the children to find an ideal geometric form which could be used for a submarine. Yes, that would be possible without an iPad, however when you actually have this tool at your fingertips, the breadth of learning and the independence of thought that the children can put into their project become much wider.

Students can go online to find out about the pressure under the sea at different depths that the submarine could dive to. They could research which is the strongest geometric form which could be used for a submarine. They could work in collaboration with others thanks to the portability of the iPad. They have access to a class network and so can ask their teacher any questions they may have, even when at home. They can watch expert lectures on iTunes U. Most importantly, they can upload their results to the school network so their knowledge can be shared with the other students. They can even graph the results which they have obtained and sketch examples of their own submarine design. Finally, they can create a presentation and present it to the class outlining their new knowledge.

Developing Thinking Skills

Most importantly, children have these key tools right at their fingertips so they can use their own creative thinking to decide which tool to use for which purpose. The result is to broaden the children’s range of skills that will stand them in good stead for a lifetime in the workplace.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics have stated in their principles, standards and expectations that a the latest technology should form an integral part of learning in the classroom today. By incorporating iPads into lessons, teachers can easily meet this standard.

Resolving The Issues

Of course, iPads in the classroom don’t come without their problems. Firstly, how do teachers resolve the problem of playing games on these devices rather than learning? The key to this lies in supervision and in the setting of such engaging work that children don’t feel the need to play in class time. Another problem which also needs resolving centers around protecting such delicate and fragile equipment from damage. Choosing the right protective cases is essential and Otterbox is clearly Apple’s biggest rival when it comes to finding the right cases for iPads for school use thanks to their sturdy design and useful inclusive stands which make classroom use so convenient.

Education and its Benefits to Society – Why it is Important to Educate the People

Education plays a major role in the growth and progress of a society. It is one of the key components that can make or break a culture’s advancement. If citizens of a society are educated, they can provide significant contributions in the fields of arts, literature, science, technology, and others, and help establish a well-rounded and stimulating community. Below are some of the best reasons why education is an essential thing to any society:

Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to make better choices and decisions

Once you have earned your college degree, you are expected to start your journey to the real life — get a job, pay taxes, and so on. Your parents and the people around you may have already been picturing you sitting behind an executive desk.

Because of several years of schooling, you should be able to make sound decisions on various stuff, such as if you should get a car or a house, which expenses to prioritize, how to pay off your school loans, and more.

Moreover, you should be able to help the community by participating in projects to improve your neighborhood, such as organizing programs to aid the less fortunate citizens, encourage the children and teens to study, and other social activities.

Have more job opportunities available

Looking for a job is not easy. Depending on your field, you may have to contend with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other fresh graduates for a low-paying entry-level position. But, if you possess the right qualifications, i.e. you have a solid educational background (and with some amount of luck), the likelihood of you landing your dream job becomes higher.

A lot of the high-paying, specialized jobs today look for people with more higher education accomplishments and varied experiences. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of standing out from a large pool of applicants, go to school and get as many credentials as you can.

Higher income

To earn six figures a year is something that many people want but not really get. However, achieving it requires a mixture of hard work, perseverance, dedication, competence, efficiency, and luck. In order to find a job that can give you a comfortable lifestyle, you have to have the qualifications that will make companies and employers hire you. This will likely happen if you are well-educated and possess the right sets of skills to perform the responsibilities and tasks that they ask for that particular position.

How to Stop Yourself From Buying a New Laptop, Again

Just the same with new smartphone models that come out every so often in the market, laptops are also released with newer and better packages every time. When you have already invested a chunk of your savings on a new laptop, you might feel later on that you want to get a newer one just because it looks a lot better, it is more powerful, it has more memory and also because of its trendy.

However, since laptops cost a lot of money, especially the good ones, you can’t keep on changing yours. Furthermore, unlike smartphones, it is a lot more complicated moving your files, downloading and installing programs and a whole lot more when you’re using a laptop. If this isn’t enough reason for you to stop yourself from buying a new one, here are more things you can keep in check to help you resist the temptation.

1. There will always be a new one that comes along.

No matter how perfect a new laptop that just came out seem to be, you must realize that there will always be a new one that comes along. If you always feel like changing laptops even yours is still perfectly fine just because you want a newer, better model, know that within months or even weeks from your purchase, an even newer and better model will come along.

2. Most laptops are upgradable.

Some MacBook models, particularly those in the retina display series, are no longer upgradable so you would have to be very sure about what you want upon purchase. However, if you have an older Macbook or even a new Windows laptop, know that you can always upgrade. If the battery runs low too quickly, you can change that. If you think your laptop is slow, you can have a larger RAM installed. You can also easily get an external hard drive if you think that you need more storage memory.

3. Better spend your money on programs and accessories.

Your Microsoft Office or Photoshop will work the same even on a brand new laptop as long as you update the program to the latest version. If you want better audio, invest on a new set of speakers instead. If you want other features, then look for other accessories and devices you can use with your laptop. Perhaps you can try out a 3D printer. It probably won’t cost as much as a new high-powered laptop but you can have loads of fun with your 3D printer as you create figures, models and even tiny souvenirs. You can even use your 3D printer for business especially since notmany people own one of these yet.

4. The value of a laptop depreciates through time.

Just like cars, gadgets and other electronics, no matter how much you upgrade your laptop, its value will depreciate. You will have a hard time or you may even find it impossible to resell it at a higher price compared to how much you purchase it. More often than not, people want brand new laptops and seldom would individuals want to resell their old laptops. And even if you think that the internet often saves you money, think twice because buying a new laptop means money going down the drain in more ways than one.

The Bright Future of Drones and Unmanned Aerial Technologies

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, as the name implies, is an aircraft that is unmanned by a human pilot; some of them are operated remotely by a human operator, or fully controlled by computers programmed within. Drones came into fame (or infamy) for its use in military operations, notably in the Middle East, in recent years. However, civilian owned and operated drones now outnumber military drones, with sales in the millions and counting. Civilian drones are most widely used in photography or video applications, taking advantage of some of the most technologically advanced cameras around. The complex engineering of drones ensures that they do not come cheap; however, newer, more affordable models are coming out that are within the range of hobbyists who want to get into drone photography. That being said, the possibilities of using civilian drones for purposes other than photography are endless. Here are just some of a few examples of how drones can be used in the future.

Search and Rescue Operations

Drones have been tested out on search and rescue operations; drones equipped with high-definition cameras have been and will continue to be used in the future. There is great potential for research and development in this field for drones, as it should lessen the loss of human casualties engaging in perilous search and rescue operations in the event of a calamity.

Pest Control

Drones as a pest control device? Absolutely. An enterprising firm in Louisiana has pioneered the use of drones with a thermal camera attachment to hunt for feral pigs that are causing widespread devastation to farms all over the state. How it works is that the drone provides a live feed to the exterminator; with the aid of night-vision goggles and the visual aid by the drone’s attachment, the exterminator’s work is made easier. Although there will always be ethical questions as to whether this is actually fair in the context of hunting, its effectiveness in thinning the feral hog population, which is a bane to many farmers, is promising.

Mail and Package Delivery

This is very distinct possibility in the future. Already efforts are underway for commercial use of drones in such iterations, such as beer delivery; a company in South Africa is pioneering an application that they say can deliver beer by drone within five minutes by the use of GPS positioning on the customer’s part, and the drone parachuting (no kidding) a cold one right on the customer’s hand. On the other hand, MIT is developing a light drone in order to be able to deliver medicine and other medical supplies to remote areas, or war-torn areas, lessening risk in the process.

Oil/Gas Pipeline Aerial Inspections

With the power of the cameras attached to drones, it is perhaps no surprise that drones are being slated to take over monitoring of miles and miles of oil and gas pipelines; this prevents the risk of oil spills, for which oil riggers are fined heavily for, from occurring in the first place. Relying on unmanned aerial vehicles also replaces much of the dangerous work that oil rig workers expose themselves to.

As you can plainly see, the possibilities are endless; although the question of regulatory approvals are daunting, it is only a matter of time before drones lead a revolution of unmanned aerial technology. The next wave of new technologies is right in front of us – what an interesting time to be alive.